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Freight Delivery

Freight delivery is possible to be performed by air, ocean or road. Companies that provide forwarding services can also guarantee loading services, insurance, warehousing services and distribution. The very popular service is cargo tracking when the customer can watch the freight movement on its way to the destination.

Cargo Shipping Companies

Lots of shipping companies are offering their great expertise in freight forwarding industry to provide the best quality of shipping services to their customers. In this article we tried to describe the main features and virtues of two huge and well-known cargo shiping companies which the businesses can collaborate with.

Freight Shipping Companies

Freight shipping companies today can guarantee the safeness of transported cargo because they carry the responsibility for each parcel and can refund it if something happens to it during shipping. They offer insurance, special packaging, warehousing and cargo tracking. This is not the full list of services that are possible to order.

Discount Freight Shipping

Some established forwarding companies such as for example FedEx have a lot of special discount programs for clients. For instance it is possible to get the definite percent of discount when paying delivery with American Express Card. Being the loyal customer of the company is also a chance to get the price cut for its services.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is necessary for any type of freight forwarding. The risk of loss or damage is possible in the air, ocean or on the road. Speaking about the motor truck insurance, we can understand that the truck owner and the driver carry the responsibility for the truck and the cargo in it and they need the confidence in possible refund. The same can be said about the cargo by air or water transportation.

What is a Warehouse?

In this article you can find out the etymology of the word "a warehouse" and get to know many other facts of this type of premises. You can find out why it is profitable to buy right from a warehouse and what types of warehouses exist.

Shipping Insurance

It is highly recommended to insure a shipment for being confident as for the safety of the cargo. The customer has to know what freight items are possible to insure and what items are excluded from coverage. The customer can choose the insurance from company, carrier or self insurance but in both cases if his cargo is damaged after the arrival he can get a refund.

Damaged Container

What to do if your cargo in the container arrives damaged? How to get a refund for your goods? How to use a damaged container? We tried to answer these and many other questions in our article. It is known that the customer should prove the damage for getting a refund, sign a manifest for confirming. The time of arrival, some other details are also compulsory to provide.

Importing from China

To start importing from China first choose the product. After that select the suppliers and start negotiations. The Chinese have business with people, not companies, so establishing the contact, try to be polite. Many additional advices on building business relationships with suppliers from China are in this article.

How To Pack a Container

Different items are packed differently in the container. But of course the common rule for packaging is the safety. No empty space should be observed between the items. Big items can be packaged together with the small ones if they fit. This article has a lot of advices on how exactly to pack a container.

Export to Russia

Russia has its special demands for exporters and it is sometimes tough to start trading in Russia if you don't have the affiliation there. Russia is responsible for customs clearance if it imports foreign goods. The article contains an advice on how to search the importers and to start collaborating with them.

Customs in the US

Custom's clearance in the US includes a few necessary steps and documents to possess. For a simple businessman who isn't familiar with all the demands it would be tough to clear the cargo through customs without specialists' help. This article is called upon to help find a way around this procedure.

Auditing Supply Chain

Supply chain audit is necessary for estimating the way of related processes organization. The in-depth analysis, comparison and comprehensive research are only some of the methods used for this procedure. The demands to auditors are simple: they have to be from the same region where they work, not to make a part time job but provide the permanent results of their supplier analysis.

Transportation Companies

Transportation companies can be of a few types. Those which mostly offer the truckload are called the trucking companies, "shipping firms" is the most appropriate name for companies offering sea and air freight. Some of the forwarders which are described in this article are on the way of becoming the most popular ones on their territory of serving.

Shipping Services

Shipping services include all the actions connected with preparing freight for transportation, its packaging, paper work, customs brokerage, loading, unloading, and even online tracking. Today it is possible to order shipping services remotely on a website or by phone. The client can also visit the company's office for asking the manager all the questions he/she is interested in.