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Air Cargo

When we speak about air cargo, we are sure that not every type of freight can be transported by air. There are some items that are prohibited to be transported by air. Every time you send a gift by mail, the government considers it potentially hazardous. Of course before packing your item and putting it on a plane it is checked but sometimes your ideal gift can be in the restricted list.

Aerosols and Alcohol Transportation by Air

The restricted list contains items which are prohibited to deliver by air. Of course there can be some exceptions. For instance it is impossible to transport aerosols, if they are not for medical purposes or not for personal grooming. Such materials include spray paints, oven cleaners, air fresheners, and so on. It is obvious that if you transport aerosols for personal grooming and medicinal purposes it is allowed, but only in UK. What aerosols can be used for personal needs? For instance, these can be deodorants, shaving creams, hair and body sprays. Some asthma inhalers can be in the category which is called the one for medical purposes. There are some packaging, labeling, and volume restrictions as for aerosols transportation by air.

It is also known that alcoholic beverages are prohibited to be the air cargo. It mostly concerns such beverages with an alcoholic content more than 70% ABV. Again we speak of UK where it is allowed to transport some beverages containing alcohol but less then 70% ABV. You can deliver by air such items as whiskey, liqueur, vodka and so on. There are some amount and volume restrictions, special demands to the packaging of course.

Batteries as the Air Cargo

If you need to transport batteries, you also should know that they are included in the restriction list of air cargo. They are considered to be the dangerous items because they contain wet spillable acid with nickel cadmium and alkaline metal. Batteries can be damaged while transported and the liquid can injure the internal surface of the plane. The liquid can burst, its smell can be harmful for people. Lithium ion and polymer batteries are restricted to be transported by themselves. They are allowed to be delivered inside the device which should be packaged and labeled appropriately.

Medical Goods Delivery by Air

Speaking about clinical and medical waste transportation, it would be better to say that it is fully forbidden to deliver by air. Such cargo includes contaminated dressings, needles and bandages. Environmental waste for instance the used engine oil and batteries is also forbidden to to be the air cargo. It is probably also obvious and explosives are not shipped by the plane. It can be any chemical mixture, device or compound, that can produce pyrotechnic effect with immediate release of gas and heat. Such cargo is impossible to transport by air legally. So even if you wish to transport some Christmas fireworks, flares or party poppers they can require additional checks and can be delivered with delays.

Human and animal remains including ashes, gases even in liquid state, flammable liquids and solids, ammunitions and asbestos, controlled drugs, frozen water and ice and also electronic items are partly prohibited to ship by the plane with some exceptions and additional checking necessity.