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Air Cargo

If you need to transport some kind of cargo by air, you should know which is allowed and which is forbidden to carry by plane. In this article you can find a few items which are fully or partially forbidden to be the air cargo. There are some exceptions as for their transportation by air with special packaging and labeling.

Air Freight Online

It is very easy to order freight online and it is obvious. The customer doesn't have to visit the company's office and can make an order without leaving his apartment. The order form includes the fields for address, name of both the sender and the consignee, the fields for data concerning cargo and so on. The customer can choose the distance to the destination and the type of cargo pick-up.

Air Insurance

Every item shipped by air has to be properly insured. If the goods are damaged or lost while transportation, then the customer can get the refund. Actually, for getting his money back the customer has to prove any type of damage presence. There are a few types of insurance, some of them are more profitable, some of them are less.

Air Carriers

A few air freight forwarders and logistics companies represented here can help customers reach their aim in fast and quality cargo shipping all over the world. They can help in packaging the cargo, make it arrive on time, well documented and complete. They will help with customs clearance, assist in choosing the right freight type and transport.

International Air Freight

Every step of customer's air freight is analyzed by managers all around the clock. Experts can always help the customers make the right decision when the business concerns international air shipment. Depending on the freight volume, the rates are counted. Customer can track his freight using the special web solution.

Air Freight Quotes

Air Freight is the fastest way to deliver goods anywhere in the world. Depending on the volume and kind of goods, you should advise the specialist as for choosing the special kind of plane, type of packaging and storage, insurance. Today it is possible to order any type of shipping online, using the special online services.

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping by air is the quickest but not the chapest way.The oversized cargo may require the special liners for its transportation, the additional payment and charter flights. perished cargo is better to deliver by plane because the cargo reaches the destination fast and with no risks of damage.

Freight Online

Quoting for the shipment online is very easy. You only have to fill the special order form. In the form you mention the cargo specifications, origin and destination countries, your contact data. all the confidential information and numbers will be safely kept from third persons. Your request will be processed asap.

Air Rates

Air rates are not always fixed. Depending on a weight and other dimensions of cargo, price for its transportation varies. Some special kinds of goods require necessary packaging, some of them will be stored in the warehouse before delivery. The storage, packaing, loading, handlingm customs and other services are additionally paid.


Urgent or day definite delivery? And may be you need the pharmaceuticals or perished goods transportation? All of that is possible with DHL air and its delivery solutions. The tracking system makes your shipment visible. The professional packaging makes sure your goods are safe while transportation. The charter flights will allow you the oversized cargo transition just in time without any delays.

Air Shipping

IASA or Air and Shipping Association which was founded in 1971 today gathers more than 47 countries in its membership. The forwarders of IASA now can provide not only the air freight services but can ship goods by ocean and road. The best quality service, the members commitment, and the thorough organization structure as well as more than 5000 staff members gives us great possibilities of productive collaboration.

DHL Express

DHL Express is the freight forwarder which has established itself as the company seriously approaching all the sides of arranging a shipment. All the necessary regulations are followed. The prices are reasonable and any surcharges are proven. The waybill - is the service of DHL which allows tracking the delivery, printing labels and for many other necessary actions appropriate for small companies. This and many other services are offered by DHl to its customers for making their shipments easier to organize.

Rates for Air Freight

Rates for air freight are the fixed ones but they can differ depending on the additional services taht you order. depending on the type of goods they require the special keeping conditions while transportation. A few types of containers are supposed for this purpose. If you need to deliver the valuable materials or equipment, the insurance and protecting from damage is also poosible to order.

DHL Quotes

If you need deliver your freight abroad meeting the deadlines and paying the reasonable price for transportation, then just address DHL. Being the part of World’s Leading Logistics Group and Deutsche Post DHL, the company surprises its customers with the quality service and the comprehensible rates. The sector management DHL specialists’ approach and supply chain solutions will meet the demands of any customer. Quote for the shipment from DHL on our website. You can order the air freight, ocean freight or the transportation by trucks or trans.

Air Quotes

If you need to deliver your goods to some destination worldwide, then the air freight is the best choice. A lot of freight forwarding companies offer air delivery services under the reasonable rates. Global logistics companies offer a complete package of transportation services by air transport and help to deliver your goods in the fastest way – by air.