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Air Freight Online

It is known that today everyone can order most of the services and goods online. If it concerns ordering the transportation services, the deeds are the same. You can order air, ocean or railway freight online using the special services or the official websites of the companies. Online Quote service can be appropriate for those who are ready to wait until their request is processed. Otherwise the client can contact a manager using the telephone number or email.

Ordering Freight Forwarding Online

If you have ever ordered the shipment online or by phone you may know that some details concerning you and your cargo are required. Filling out the order form, you should leave your name and address and the name and address of the consignee. Also, you have to write down the dead weight of the box you want to ship.

After that you reach the field where you have to check the required service, that is you decide whether you need to deliver your cargo airport to airport, door to door, door to airport, or airport to door. You have to select the dimensions of your cargo, so you have to check the length, height and width. In online order form you can also leave the approximate proportions if you don’t know them exactly.

Schedule the Time of Freight Pick-up

If you order the freight delivery from the freight forwarder directly, it can ask its airline to measure the cargo of yours at once it is shipped to the warehouse. Usually this service is additionally paid. Also, the customer can pay the difference between the approximate and real freight dimensions if it is immense. If the difference is less then the customer supposed, the company can refund him the excess.

The company you order the delivery from can schedule the time when the cargo can be picked up, the customer can deliver the cargo himself to one of the airline warehouses that is to the closest one. Each parcel is marked with the special necessary details. These details appear if the customer orders the professional packaging and labeling. Before being loaded on the plane, the cargo is carefully screened and security-checked. The consignee can collect the shipment at the destination and the final point is going to depend on the service you ordered. That is if you preferred the port-to-port transportation, consignee’s people can meet the cargo at the port and so on.

Virtues of Air Freight Online

Air freight online is the expression that can mean not only the possibility to order the service online, but also the chance to track the cargo while it is transported. For making this possible, the special device is attached to the parcel, and the customer can track its movement in his account. Ordering the air freight online, the customer can choose at once whether he wishes his cargo to be tracked or not.

Ordering the air freight online today is really easy and it is the most comfortable way to get such kind of service. You just leave the necessary data and cargo dimensions and after they are processed, the manager recalls you and confirms the order. After that the shipment is arranged.