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Rates for Air Freight

It is known that the most convenient and quick type of goods delivery is usually the most expensive. This fact is that the quickest way of delivery is air freight but the last days it quit being too expensive and is really accessible for any customer. Rates for air freight depend on the size of cargo more than of other possible factors. The bigger the freight the more area it takes and the greater liner with special conditions for transportation is necessary. Even the oversized equipments and other planes are possible to deliver by air.

What Defies the Air Freight Rates?

Quoting for a shipment you can find out the price for it together with additional services. Ask your manager for possible discount if you often apply the services of that company and can be considered their loyal customer. When you submit the request, the manager is going to contact you and you are free to ask about the necessary documents, agreement, prices for every single service, what services they can offer and which of them are going to be compulsory for your goods transportation.

Rates for air freight can vary if you need to deliver some special equipment, palletized, hazardous, loose, perished, valuable or oversized freight. The equipment has to be protected from thermal discontinuity not to get damaged. That is why it needs the professional packaging and placement inside the plane. Perished goods have to be delivered in the refrigerated containers, if these are organs for transplantation, the package has to be leak-tight, airproof and no bacteria have to get inside. Hazardous materials also need special conditions for shipping. Such services as the special conditions for the definite type of cargo can require the additional payment.

Count the Costs for Air Freight Services

Airport to airport transportation is mostly offered by freight forwarders. To take your cargo to airport for loading it onto the plane, you should count costs for hiring a truck. You can also order the cargo picking up and loading by the staff of the forwarding company. You should prepare the safe place to meet the truck with empty containers for loading your freight. Staff has the limited time, a few hours for picking up your goods and put them into containers. If you realize that these hours would be less for loading all your goods, you can pay for the additional time to be sure your goods are taken safely.

Rates for air freight matter if you have the big bunch of cargo, which has to be transported with a few planes. The discounts are compulsory in this case without fail. The trucks which pick up the goods at your residence will deliver them to airport and load into the plane. You can also order unloading the freight at the destination point and transporting it to the warehouse of the addressee. Insurance and value added options are possible as well as all the documents for shipment preparation and treaty concluding. Be sure you work with the authoritative company, check its license and other documents which approve its status.