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Air Rates

Air freight is the type of cargo shipping allowing to any goods reach the destination in the quickest possible time. Air rates depend on variety of factors and circumstances. Delivery for personal effects or commercial needs, all of that is possible with air shipping. Companies with wide working experience will more possibly give the discounts to its customers. To quote for air freight, it is necessary to fill in the online request form and submit it to the company’s manager.

Air Freight Services Order

When you order the freight through online services, you should know air rates don’t include the surcharges here. The additional options may consist of handling, storage before loading for the shipment, customs, packaging, insurance, etc. Once you submitted a quote for the service, it is valid during 14 days after sending. These days are enough to get the cargo prepared for the flight. Such programs as economy and express are provided by many forwarders. The economy programs suppose goods delivery in 7 or 10 working days. Express ones can help to get the freight to the destination in 3 or 7 days.

If the flight booking is confirmed and then cancelled the $40 dollars fee is going to be charged to the customer. If you mistook the cargo weight or checked the greater weight then the sent payment, your card is going to be billed for external payments, or you should pay for additional freight forwarding. Air rates can be pretty low, if you manage to get the discount. Most carriers can offer four variants of delivery: airport to airport, origin airport to destination door, door to door or origin door to destination airport. Hiring the car for goods from the warehouse transportation, hiring people for loading and unloading the goods – may also be the the additional costs.

Surcharges for Air Rates

To prepare goods for he flight, make sure that everything is packed well and according to the necessary demands. You may order the special type of cargo packaging in the freight forwarding company for some extra price. More than 5 pieces of palletized freight should be wrapped shrink foil around them. In this case the goods will stay together while transportation. Check the weight and dimensions of the cargo, if the pallets exceed 160 cm, you won't be able to transport it in the luggage department of the simple plane. The oversized freight is transported by the freighter, a special kind of plane. Air rates for such type of delivery may be a bit higher.

The price for air transportation, may also include airline's surcharges. The charge for 1 kg of cargo is payable. Air freight is going to be quoted per weight. The fuel surcharge is the price for 1 kg of fuel. Also, the air rates may include local charges, such as customs clearance, picking the goods up, screening and handling. The charge for security measures also calculated per one kg of actual cargo weight. Despite of the complicated procedure of shipment arranging, air freight is one of the most convenient types of any kind of goods transportation.