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Air Shipping

Speaking about air shipping the first thing that worth to remember is Air and Shipping Association IASA which was founded in 1971 and is the longest established organization of its type on the globe. IASA is the international network of freight forwarders with its major office located in London. The board of directors was elected by the membership and consists of people from different countries. About 47 countries with more than 250 offices around the world – this is the coverage of IASA.

A year profit of the organization is one billion dollars and more than 5000 staff members work or IASA in different states. The knowledge of local business details of every country helps the staff work as real professionals of their branch. The team of ambitious freight forwarders established IASA in 1971 to become the independent agents and create the international network for themselves. Air shipping was one of their key specialties.

The Commitment of Air Forwarders

The common aim and commitment helped the group of agent become the global and respective organization that quickly grew and started to count about 40 countries. The independent freight forwarders in each country have the common goal and reach it together. Only one company in each country can become the official IASA member. But this is possible after the thorough selection procedure.

China and the US have the right to select one company in each region of the country for being the member of International Association. The membership allows the company getting the global recognition and powerful local presence in its country. If you work with IASA you can trust them any shipment and be sure it will be safe and quality. Multi-modal containers for any type of cargo are applied here. Air shipping with IASA is the success guaranty.

Air Shipping and Other Freight Types

The forwarder member of IASA is going to ship any kind of cargo, the refrigerated warehouses, the best trucks, planes and ships are going to keep your goods fresh and safe and deliver them anywhere in the world. No complex tiers in the management system of this organization are supposed.

The affiliations of the main organization’s office are the part of the single global structure and work according to common scheme, reaching the common goal. If the member of IASA has some complaints he can make a suggestion via Board of Directors. The same board decides whether to leave the member or replace him by another company. If the member of IASA is specialized in air shipping and he is removed from the association, another member should also be involved in this kind of service.

The services available with IASA include such as specialized trucking, custom brokerage, crating and packing, picking the cargo up and packaging, inventory control, distribution, warehousing and supply chain management. Air shipping was supposed to be the main activity of IASA as it is seen from its name. However, today it provides the wider specter of delivery services.