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Business Pickup

Today you can easily schedule a pickup of your shipment. This option is sure to be offered by such popular shipping companies as FedEx and UPS. You can schedule a pickup online, then access your profile “My pickups” page and view a history of your pickups, edit or cancel them. Business pickup is a service which supposes that a driver stops at the customer's location once each business day and picks up a cargo for any shipment, that is air, ocean and railway shipments.

On-Call Business Pickup from UPS

Business pickup service is convenient to order, to check out and cancel. You don't have to make any phone calls, because the pickup is already scheduled and doesn't need any confirmation. The automatic pickups time is the convenience necessary for those who ship every day. Such service promises the reliability of a pickup each business day at a time that has been pre-determined and agreed. Such service can be available for many delivery solutions of a forwarder.

Business pickup service is usually available from Monday to Friday except holidays. The charge for weekly service is applied according to the total invoice for five days. The service like business pickup has lots of benefits and virtues. Let us review the service through the example of UPS. If the driver has already made the scheduled pickup but you have a few more air, ocean or ground deliveries to fulfill, you can order the On-Call Pickup.

This option allows to request a business pickup from UPS at any time. You can combine the packages for ground, ocean and air shipments in one parcel for one-time pickup. The charge for the service is pretty low. Every customer that often orders the business pickup service from UPS has the right to order one more free of charge On-Call Pickup if it is made to their usual directions. If you order the On-Call Business Pickup, you can schedule it for the same day or for the next day.

Ordering a Business Pickup

If you need an extra pickup but the destination is brand new and not the usual one, you will be additionally charged only in this case. When you order the business pickup from any forwarding company, you need to fill in the special form and the staff is going to reserve the truck for picking up the cargo at a requested time. The special arrangements have to be made for the oversized items because there is a fee based on size, weight, type, distance to the destination and many other properties.

To apply for business pickup service, you have to submit a special order form. It consists of the special fields to fill in. You have to enter the company name, contact name, contact email. The email is necessary for a copy of the request could be sent to you. For checking out. Filling in the request form, you have to write down the business phone and business fax so managers could call you for confirming the order if necessary.

If your property requires a certificate or insurance, there could be another application form for filling in. There you also indicate the company name, the contact to address and a phone number. In the form you also leave the location credentials.