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Cargo Insurance

If you run a business, of course you need the shipping services. If you have got an online store you probably cooperate with suppliers and send the goods from your warehouse to your customers. All goods are exposed to possible damage or loss during transportation, that is why the cargo insurance is necessary. The cargo transported either by land, sea or air can be covered. There are different types of insurance that can be suitable for the special needs of a person.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

The most often kind of coverage which is ordered by customers is motor truck cargo insurance. Every year truck drivers carry freight which costs millions of dollars and more, there are frequent robberies and other accidents on the road, so the truck owner and the driver themselves have to be sure in the possibility to return money and get the refund for injures if these happen.

The driver of truck is liable for every loss or damage before it arrives to the final destination. After the consignee signs the acceptance paperwork, the liability of a driver disappears. So the motor truck cargo insurance is called upon to protect the driver on the way to the destination. The coverage of this type varies depending on the insurance company, the laws of the country. The coverage period begins when the driver picks up the cargo and ends when he delivers it to the destination warehouse.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine cargo insurance is one more type of coverage. As it is seen from the name, this insurance is active for goods shipped by water. Piracy, theft, marine disasters and other dangers lurk in wait in the sea. Loss or damage that takes place during the cargo ocean shipping is the subject to marine cargo insurance. The customer can select from hull, liability, cargo and freight insurance. The cargo coverage refers to the sailor’s property, the ship and the cargo on it.

Hull insurance defends torso and hull of the vessel including all that is located on it. Liability insurance provides the refund for any liability brought into effect by the vessel's sinking, being attacked by pirates, or being collided. If the cargo was lost during some unexpected events or accidents, then the freight insurance comes into effect.

Railroad Cargo Insurance

There is also the railroad cargo insurance that bares a liability to 25 thousand dollars for any kind of injury to the shipments in a single train. Of course this sum can be not enough if your cargo costs more than 25 thousand. But you can choose the additional coverage policy for decreasing your deductible or making your coverage higher. Insurance laws are different depending on the state laws and your cargo may cross the state lines. You can learn the laws of each state in this case.

If you ship often, exporting or importing the cargo to many corners of the Earth, then the open cargo insurance is for you. This type of coverage is applicable for all the shipments that have to be insured from the origin to the destination. The shipper's letter of instruction has to include all the instructions in writing form and this letter should be received by the cargo forwarder.