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Cargo Shipping Companies

Cargo shipping companies' mission is to be reliable and irreplaceable for their clients. Customers are always looking for such companies that can fulfill all their demands providing the good service and guarantees.

Amerjet – Cargo Shipping Company

Amerijet is the company that has its own vision in customer service and has got a lot of thankful clients all over the world. The company can arrange the commercial or personal shipments. The staff of the company understands how every shipment can impact on the customer's business, so all shipments are sent and arrived on time.

The company's commitment is built on a few important elements. These are such factors as experience, collaborative relationships with customers and customized solutions. The company strives to fulfill all the customer's shipping needs, offering competitive prices for its major services and a flexible discount system. The company works since 1974 and is providing all the popular delivery services to more than 550 destinations across the globe. Amerjet offers domestic and commercial shipments, and many related services.

Following its strategy of collaborative relations with clients, the company tries to become the trusted partner of each of its clients. Of course it uses the innovative technologies and offers flexible shipping solutions as well as proactive communication. It is impossible for such company to thrive without collaborating with businesses, because only they ship cargo in big amounts and require shipping services often.

Speaking about customized solutions of the company, it tries to maximize efficiency of transportation services and provides them on the level of comtemporary global demands. Amerjet has the technical skills, infrastructure and seasoned expertise to ship by ocean, air and road worldwide.

CMA-CGM Shipping Company

One more shipping company that is considered to be one of the largest ones in the world is CMA-CGM. The company is commited to providing the very wide range of transportation services. It is possible to choose the right solution for every shipping need. The company has more than 170 shipping routes and has the dedicated regional lines as well as can offer door-to-door shipments.

CMA CGM provides its customers with the services of oversized cargo transporting. Being the third largest container shipping group in the world and having the devoted team of real experts, the company can guarantee the high level of service and accommodate the special cargo of its customers. The oversized cargo is going to be carried with optimal care even if it doesn't match the standard container.

The freight forwarding company offers the tailor made expertise and solutions which can match even the challenging demands of customers. The expertise of the company is more than 35 years, it has the extensive global network of agencies, ports and offices. CMA CGM can offer more than 170 liner services providing the timely delivery. Using the technical know-how as well as modern equipment for secure cargo handling, the company is ensuring the high level service.