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Container Rate

Container is the easy way to collect lots of boxes and pallets together for putting them on the ship and transporting. Cranes for loading cargo on the vessel are designed for definite weight and can lift the 20 and 40 foot loaded containers. Rates for cargo shipments are easy to find out filling out the special application, which will calculate costs individually for your single shipment.

Every businessman is always curious about the freight forwarding rates. If your business is connected with sales, then import or export can be the part of your activity. Profitable shipping services can be offered by many forwarding companies, but only some of them really deserve respect.

Shipping Rates

Rates for shipments change every year, according to the economical situation, fuel surcharges, and other conditions. Analysts try to foresee any surcharge in cargo forwarding costs. The World Bank Global trade estimates show that 1 per cent reduction in air freight services and maritime can account for $7.98 billion dollars as it was in 2004. Considering trade assistance in a broader sense, it can be said that there are four sorts to review port efficiency, regulatory and customs environment, service sector infrastructure.

In 1998 the Shipping Act reconstructed the regulatory environment. It gave ship operators the possibility to apply confidential rate agreements, those, that cover 80 per cent of the certain market. The remaining 20 per cent must shop for rates. Consumers of delivery services may consider a site for shopping transportation costs important, though confidentiality and rule consummation relationships are complicated.

Some companies design the special applications, which are the calculators providing the forwarders and other users with a unique planning tool for merchandise trading anywhere in the world. The average weight of rates group on a given route is the information which the calculation is based on. Such marketing planning tool can obtain the generic costs from port-to-port and transportation time. Actually rates for any service, which can be easily determined with the help of a certain application, depend on many factors. One of them is the type of cargo delivery. If you choose ocean freight and prefer container shipping, rates will depend on the amount of cargo, its kind, time and distance of shipping.

Freight Shipping Container Convenience

Container shipping was founded in 1956 when a lorry driver was tired to wait while the goods from his truck were being unloaded one by one. The idea of a container burned in his mind. Since then the global cargo transportation services have changed a lot. This was the revolution in goods transport and accelerated the globalization. A corrugated metal box facilitates intermodal freight transport.

Container can be transported on a back of a trailer or a train right to the container port. There it is unloaded onto the container vessel. Pallets, barrels, boxes or cartons shouldn’t be loaded one by one, they are collected in the container to be put on a ship together at once. As such type of cargo transportation is pretty fast, efficient, safe and quality, different freight forwarders offer competitive pricing for their customers, to make them appropriate for both sides. Such shipping can take from a few hours to a few days, it can’t be as urgent as by air, but cargo can be really safely and quickly transported to the destination the same day. Container shipping is cheaper than, for instance, air freight.