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Container Rates

Before applying for any service, you always determine what exactly you need to get. Companies that organize the container shipments keep experts as their staff; so don’t doubt to trust your manager in selecting the appropriate delivery type, container size and tariff. Container of 20 foot in length is enough to ship the content of a few bedrooms house, or, for instance, a car and some boxes. For a three bedroom house the 40 ft container is necessary. So don’t be afraid that your freight won’t feet the capacity, it is really roomy.

FCL or LCL? What Do Container Rates Depend on?

Container rates depend not only on the capacity you choose, they vary depending on whether you need the full space of the container or only the small part of it, sharing the space with other customers. If your delivery is not urgent and your cargo is not enough to fill the container completely, it’d be better to select LCL or less-than-container load. This means you can share the container space with other customers’ goods and wait until the freight is collected to be taken to the definite destination, i.e. port. If you need FCL or full container load, rates can be different, depending on the distance to the end point. But of course a big volume of freight transportation can cost more than a small one.

The process of container shipment starts from the moment of its ordering. Once you have accepted the quote, arrange the loading of your cargo, define the time and type of loading. You can decide either you organize the load by your own forces or hire people from a freight forwarder, the shipping agent can collect cargo for you. If you have selected a full container load, empty container is going to be sent to your residence. You can get your people load it while the car waits. Or choose the variant when a container is left at your place while loading, then the car picks it up and takes to the port.

Additional Charges for Container Shipments

Terms of packing the goods for container shipping are the same as for any other move. Using clean and strong boxes, sealing cartons with parcel tape and bubble wrap is compulsory. For protecting valuable goods or furniture these goods should be crated up. After goods are packed and labeled, they are loaded onto the container ship. The rates for shipment can include all the steps of preparing cargo for transportation. Also, every separate service can have different rates which aren’t included in the order.

When a ship arrives to the port at its destination point, the customer is contacted by the agent. May be you will need to head to the port for sorting a customs clearance. Rates are going to depend on the level of service which you order and might be included in the quote. The freight from a container is loaded into the trailer truck to be delivered to the door. If you have a part load container, that is you have ordered LCL freight, cargo can be unloaded at the port ready for re-distribution. You can pick goods up from the port by your own forces or hire employees from the forwarding company.