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Container Ship

As it is seen from the name, the container ships are such vessels that are especially designed for carrying shipping containers. The containers are huge metal boxes which can contain a definite quantity of hard paper boxes with cargo. The containers can measure 40 foot long. Items are shipped in them around the world, these can be electronics, textiles, food and so on. The global carriage of goods with the help of shipping containers started in 50-s. It became more convenient to use containers for big bunches of goods transportation.

History and Construction of Container Ships

At the beginning the container ships were built in such a way to be loaded with railway freight-cars. The wagons couldn’t be moved right to the shipping yard, so they were lifted with cranes onto the container ship. When the freight-cars are taken by the ship to the destination, they can be put on the rail and taken to the final point. It became unnecessary to put the whole wagon on the ship in 1950, when Malcolm McLean founded the technique of putting only the container onto the ship.

It was the real space elimination, so it was the start of the container ships development. After that the ships were designed with maximum space efficiency for 20 and 40 foot containers. The capacity that is the storage space of the container ship is measured in terms of TEU. This is decrypted as Twenty-foot Equivalent Units. Shipping containers are usually 20 or 40 foot in length, so such containers can be loaded on the ship according to its capacity. Every container ship is built to carry the definite amount of shipping containers.

The container ships can be of a big and small size. The rigging equipment is attached to the small ships for the cargo can be loaded and unloaded from them anywhere. The large container ship have no special equipment with themselves, so they can be loaded and unloaded in the ports which have cranes for the big vessels.

Advantages and Lacks of Container Ships Maintenance

The shipping containers are labeled before putting onto the container ship. For tracking the shipment, the electronic tags are often attached to the containers. The special manifest contains the list of all the cargo in the container. Containers are loaded in such a way to be easily unloaded from a container ship at the destination. The containers can be put on the special trucks or flatcars to be delivered to the end point, the shipping yard.

There is the certain risk for the container ship owners. If they carry the valuable goods, they are usually insured against loss of the vessel to piracy or storm. Container ships are slow, difficult to sail. The special skills are demanded from crews, they have to be able run an efficient time from dock to dock. There is always a risk that the contents of the shipping container are damaged. So crane operators have to be well trained for being able to handle cargo in the container carefully. Some docks should be deepened for being able to accommodate the container ships. Deepening of the docks is not too good for the environment and some environmental organizations speak out against that procedure.