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Customs in the US

Custom's clearance arranging which can be named the pre-US operation, includes a few main requirements. These are such as Arrival Notices, Authority to Make Entry or Inbound Notification, to Do Upon Arrival at the First Port and Details Required on Arrival Notifications. If the shipment refers to Canada then the Truck PAPs Process from Canada to the US is required. First let us define some necessary and important notions which are connected with the subject. Without them the custom's clearance is impossible.

Customs Clearance Requirements Detailed Breakdown

Such notion is DDP. “Delivered duty paid” or DDP means that the seller executes his liabilities to ship when the products are available in the named place in the importing country. The seller bears all the risks connected with the shipment including taxes, some duties and so on. DDP is the maximum obligation for the seller. Some exporters apply to customs clearance of the US for such shipments where terms are some other than DDP. The self-filers don't clear shipments with DDP terms.

Under the Arrival Notices and Authority to Make Entry or Inbound Notifications, the forwarder or the carrier being under the direction of the supplier, should secure his own US Customs Broker for clearing the shipment through customs and arrange the transportation to the addressee. The supplier or its agent should report the delivery location to the importer. He has to indicate the container and seal of the truck and send it by e-mail.

To Do Upon Arrival at the First Port of the US supposes that if goods are moved inbound, then some special documents should be sent to the Notify Party address. The documents are such as a waybill, Intermediate Transportation document, packing list and commercial invoice. Intermediate Means of Transport (within the customs clearance process and freight forwarding sphere) are some carts, vans or bicycles which are used for transportation the cargo before loading it on the specified kind of transport such as ship, truck or plane.

Other Facts about Customs Clearance

Such notion as a waybill in the US means the documents which list the cargo items and charges. If the seller or supplier is responsible for delivery network based on C or D terms (Incoterms), he is also responsible for informing the carrier of its duty to create Arrival and send it to the Notify Party. C terms mean that the main carriage is paid by seller and D group defies everything connected with the arrival. All documents must match AMS. Automated Manifest System or AMS of the US is an electronic system for customs clearance process automating for rail import shipments.

As for Truck PAPS process from Canada to the US within the meaning of customs clearance, this is the exclusive operation of truck Pre-Arrival processing Systems shipments that cross the Canadian border to destinations of the US. The shipper or seller has to manage the export reporting for the shipments with Incoterms rules except for EXW or DDP. AS we have already defined DDP, let us find out what is EXW. This notion means Ex works. The seller fulfills his duty to ship when the goods have been made available at his warehouse to the buyer. The seller is not responsible for loading the cargo and customs clearance for export. All risks and costs are borne by the buyer right from the origin warehouse to the point of destination.