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Damaged Container

Most of the time the carriers do everything possible for the cargo arrives safe and in good condition. But nevertheless there are cases when a container with freight arrives to the destination damaged. The company that ships the consignment can be responsible for the damages and can issue credit in condition if the reasons for that are valid. The shipping company can claim against the carrier that delivered the cargo damaged.

The Request for Damaged Container Refund

For the claim to be realized, the customer’s assistance is necessary. For receiving a credit the customer should do a few actions. First, the container must be inspected and this should be done by the person responsible for receiving the container. He or she should check the container for crushed boxes, some torn filters. If you transport live animals, the inspector should check the container for the damaged cages, dead animals etc. If some mishandling of the carriers and any other problems are detected, you note them on the transportation manifest and sign it.

You should obviously call the service representative. If you noticed the damage, call the customer representative immediately to report it. It is better not to dispose a container before getting the instructions from a customer service representative. The number of the shipment should be available when you call the manager. The representative should call the carrier who will get back to inspect the damaged container or decline the request to inspect it if the request is not valid.

After that you should send the follow up a letter for the service representative can handle the credit for you for the damaged container. In the letter you should define the following information: indicate if the container was damaged but not used, indicate if the delivery manifest was signed or not. Check the shipping date, name the carrier, specify the number of the order. Also, please, defy the time when you contacted the service representative after you received the container.

What to Do With the Damaged Container?

Shipping companies usually suggest their clients to take photos of damages that they notice at once. This can be the appropriate proof for the carrier. The photo should include the container number, and the photo should be taken after the cargo being unpacked. If the damage is insured, you'd better contact your local affiliation of the shipper to advise as for the nature of damage. Also you can get the instructions as for the container damage cost because this is the importer's responsibility to report the damage.

Actually, the information for carriers is the following: if the container is leaking, it can’t be transported in any case. If the container is damaged because of the “worn-out state”, then empty it and load the boxes into the undamaged container. The container is put in the drum with the removable head and delivered to the appropriate disposal location. Then the remainders of the damaged container should be evaporated. Before evaporating them, make sure the container is emptied thoroughly.