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DHL Air is the best choice if you wish to deliver your goods by air in quickest possible times. The company receives the priority service through and is placed on the first flight out to the destination airports. DHL air can offer the quickest possible transit time, door-to-door delivery and cargo picking at the customer’s residence up. Special security and transport insurance are also the services of DHL. If you require the urgent air shipment it is quite possible with that carrier.

Any solutions with DHL Air

Economical freight is realized under the two programs: DHL Air Value and DHL Air Premium. You can spend minimum material resources on air freight choosing Value one. It is supposed to be appropriate for less-time sensitive cargo, when the delivery time can be a bit increased. DHL Air Premium is the alternative to Value when each minute is in count. DHL can offer the standard liability, airport to airport delivery, defined transit time, and door-to-door service.

The day definite delivery with DHL Air is also possible on the highest quality, when you have the fixed budget and need a quick service providing. In this case, actually, the company’s DHL Premium program is the most suitable choice. This solution consolidates the consignment to improve economy. You can be sure the goods will arrive in time anywhere around the world.

DHL Air applies multimodal freight transport SEAIR. The goods are moved by ocean from Asia to the closest transit hubs and then they are transferred to flights to Europe and other destinations across the globe. This way of transporting cargo to the planes saves up to 50 percent of your costs. SEAIR is half cheaper than ocean freight and half cheaper than air freight. Cargo is possible to be transported to Middle East, African and Latin America. DHL Air arranges the shipment documentation and customs. It provides the door-to-door solutions within this service.

Any Goods Transported by Air with DHL

If you need the heavy goods transportation, choose DHL Air Freight Plus which connects the easiness and the competitive price of express shipping. Heavy or bulky goods transported in definite time worldwide – this is the possible variant with Plus solution. The company offers European and Intercontinental broad services. You choose the suitable shipment terms and pay the fixed all inclusive price with no surcharges.

Selecting DHL Air Plus Pharma you can deliver medications and other related goods by plane. This program is designed to meet the needs of Life Science Industry, offering the door-to-door transportation. The visibility of shipments is provided by IT tracking systems of DHL. The minimal time spending on the tarmac at the point of origin is guaranteed. Perishable goods logistics supposes the fast and cheap transporting. DHL air is the leader of perishable goods shipping from Latin America and worldwide. The specialist tracking system allows to be sure that time-critical goods are shipped fresh to the destination.

DHL provide an aircraft charter every day. This flight is made for oversized cargo or for some new goods to be urgently delivered. When there are season peaks in planes launching, your products nevertheless should be delivered in time, that is why the charter flight is necessary. When the oversized cargo couldn’t be placed into one plane, the charter one can be useful.