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Discount Freight Shipping

Every freight forwarding company tries not only to provide efficient services to its clients, but also strives to show that it is possible to save time and money, collaborating with it. For instance such popular trucking company as FedEx offers 60 per cent discount for some of its services. The customer has only to download the special certificate on the official site of FedEx and attach it to his bill of landing. On the website of this company you can make the bill of landing online.

Pay by Card for FedEx Services and Get Discounts

FedEx services are popular among those who run an online store and ship their goods to the clients very often. That is why the company has found the way to get more clients by making its services cheaper and more accessible to the greater amount of customers. You can get a discount from FedEx if you hold to some terms. Ordering a shipment in FedEx, pay your charges with an American Express Open Business Card. In this case you can get the 5 per cent discount However, being the merchant of American Express can let you get the discount up to 16 percent.

Pay shipping charges with an American Express OPEN Business Card. No enrollment is required and you automatically receive five percent discount on your shipping costs. However, becoming an Association Advantage member of FedEx is the guarantee of getting the 41 percent discount on delivery. You can also get a discount from the company based on your own conditions. You can call and ask for a discount explaining the situation, unveiling the exact volume of cargo and the distance from the origin to the destination.

To get a discount from FedEx you can sign up for Purple Card from the company. This card can gift the customer the one discounted shipment per one day. It is applicable for any shipment after the first delivery. If you make a few shipments a day, the rates increase, so you can get the higher discount for every next shipment, until you are able to ship your cargo for free. You can also use the Online Ship manager of FedEx or its self developed software to get a discount of 16 percent.

Conditions for Shipping Discounts

Some freight forwarding companies encourage their customers by promoting the loyalty programs. This means that if the customer often orders the transportation services from the forwarder, he has the right for discount. If the company has established itself at the market, it can allow itself to cut prices for not only its huge target audience but for potential loyal customers. Considering the great competition at the market especially between the well-known forwarding companies such as DHL, UPS or FedEx, discounted pricing is a very important step for attracting the customers.

The company can plan to sell the definite amount of services before the concrete date. If it doesn't manage to do it it can try to sell them in a lower price, so the customer wins in this case. Be curious as for discount programs from the forwarders to get the chance to receive a price cutting from 5 to even 50 percent.