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Export to Russia

Russia is the country with completely different mentality, so for those who strive to export goods to that country it is significant to know as much as possible about Russian market, customs, and other specific facts connected with shipping to Russia. A large consumer activism for foreign products is the feature which can be applied for describing Russian market. Foreign manufacturers are searching the opportunity of exporting to this country. It is pretty tough to enter Russian market for those companies which have no marketing budget or no offices in Russia.

Help in Russian Importers Searching

Companies post the free of charge announcements on different business to business (b2b) websites for having a chance to catch some Russian importer to start selling their goods in Russia. This strategy is not appropriate for beginning the export process to that Slavic country and it’s not too effective. Some exporters actually don't know some special details about the import peculiarities and duties. They are also not familiar with the import customs value practice.

That is why it is necessary to address the consulting or analytical researches organization that can help puzzle out all the details of cooperation with Russian importers. The important actions are such as: overall marketing research, import duties, advertising grounds and structure of export different goods to Russia analyzing. The things to know are: the names of foreign exporters Russia works with, names of major Russian buyers importing products from foreign countries, names of potential buyers.

How to Start Exporting to Russia?

For starting cooperation with the companies offering services of buyers search, you have to prepare some documents. You should present the electronic catalogue of goods or services in Russian. You can order the translation in special bureaus or in the same company that can obviously offer such paid additional service. Make your current price for the products available for the company's staff. The data of minimal purchase lot, the terms of payment, packaging and loading has to be also available.

Giving the company your marketing information, you have to specify the list of importers from Russia you wish to collaborate with and, of course, describe your conceivable consumers. Also define the commission sum which will be received by the agent after exporting each paid lot of products to importers from Russia. Except the standard services, companies offer market researches and help in goods exporting. They can offer licenses, know-how technologies, patents and other documents selling. By the way, they can also sell the foreign patent holders' belonging.

Customs Clearance while Exporting to Russia

Here we can say some words about customs. Export or import operations between some foreign country and Russia are always executed upon condition that Russia is responsible for customs clearance. Certain goods can be exported to Russia with special permits and certifications. The internationally adopted Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System are accepted as Russian tariff classification systems.