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FCL Insurance

FCL Insurance or the commercial truck one includes a few types of coverage. Some of them are for car accidents, for vehicle repairs, for people's injures which may happen during the accidents etc. The coverage for physical and property damage is also accessible for the trucker especially when he delivers goods on behalf of someone.

FCL insurance is not actually the wide spread definition for the coverage of goods transported by trucks. We will talk today about the commercial truck insurance which supposes to be the essential coverage for the small business offering trucking services. This coverage can be available for the owner operator, who gives his truck for rent for cargo delivery. As the insurance is aligned to large companies, it can be too expensive for smaller ones, especially owing just a few trucks. According to the type of truck, the carried cargo, and some other features, the available insurance options differ. The driver's experience as well as the number of risks possible while transportation, are also important.

Commercial Truck Insurance Types

There are some special existent insurance packages available for FCL and each of them includes a few types of coverage. Popular packages are such as basic coverage, non-trucking coverage, specialized coverage, premiums and deductible. As for the basic coverage it includes the comprehensive insurance and collision coverage. If you have an accident, the collision is the insurance for damage to your car or the car which you damaged accidentally. So it covers costs for these both types of damage. As for the comprehensive insurance, it acts in the same way as the regular car insurance. It covers the costs for the vehicles repairs, and so on.

Speaking about the specialized coverage for FCL, we can say that this insurance type is also important for the truck. It is obvious that a truck owner needs the insurance for every possible situation which can happen with his vehicle on the road, so it is necessary for him without any unaffordable price increasing. The trucker who ships goods on behalf of certain customers requires commercial auto liability. This option provides coverage for physical damage and property damage. The loss of cargo, is also considered and the coverage in this case depend on the type of value.

Non-Trucking Insurance

Non-trucking coverage consists of the kinds of FCL insurance which aren't actually related to cargo shipping. It includes bobtail coverage, trucking liability, occupational accident and personal items coverage. If the owner uses the truck personally, travels without the cargo loaded, then the bobtail insurance is applied. Occupational accident coverage supposes to insure truck owner operator for unexpected death, or for leaving business in the course of truck driving.

Insurance premiums package are paid every month in advance. If you buy FCL insurance directly from the company it can be less expensive and more profitable than buying an insurance from a dealer. To continue the life of policy you have to pay for premiums. If you decide to cancel paying this type of insurance, you can do it right away and it is not going to affect the credit scores of yours. But you are going to be obliged to pay all the premiums contributions before the date when the cancellation takes effect. If you or your driver have bad motor vehicle record, the premiums can be higher.