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FCL Quotes

Deciding to transport your freight with the ship, choose either FCL or LCL type depending on your needs and cargo volume. Of course, if you need to send your goods or parcels abroad, quotes are higher, and renting the full container costs more than only part of the container's volume. The client uses the whole space of multi-modal container, filling it with his cargo in boxes, pallets or crates. As it is known, 20 and 40 foot containers are usually used for FCL and LCL. FCL is a full container load which is possible to order online, quoting for it in the special web-form.

Choose the Type of Load (FCL or LCL)

When you quote for FCL freight directly from an international shipping company, you are responsible for meeting the container at the convenient and safe place for loading. It is really unlikely that the moving companies from overseas will pack the client’s stuff in a sea freight container. After you compared FCL quotes, chose the most appropriate one, concluded an agreement with the company, the goods can be prepared for the shipment.

The company is going to send an empty sea container to your residence for load. You can hire people for helping to load and secure freight until it is taken back by the freight forwarder for transporting to the destination. You can select between two variants, the driver can wait for a few hours, until you load the cargo into the container, or he can leave it to you for a day for completing the load. Two hours for loading the container, are usually free, additional time is paid for.

Additional waiting time charges may cost from 50 to 75 dollars per hour. Your consignee or recipient has to be ready to meet the ocean freight container at the nominated destination. International moving companies can deliver the package to customer’s door, can load and pack all client’s stuff into the container and be responsible for each its service.

Cargo Storage and Containers’ Rent for FCL

Quoting for FCL freight, find out if it is possible to rent the containers or buy them out. If you rent containers, there is the special time for sending them back to the park where they were taken from. Comparing the shipping quotes between international moving companies and moving companies overseas, such as non-vessel operating cargo carriers, FCL freight from shipping ones is more cost-effective. It is better to shop around in advance. Compare and consider prices as well as service packages of the companies.

Before sending a cargo, the loaded container is stored in the company’s warehouse, the storage time is limited, so be quick to confirm the consignee’s address and he is going to get a notice about the container’s arrival. The storage actually lasts from 7 to 14 days. The storage is separately charged, so the less days are necessary for keeping the container, the less you pay for the storage. The addressee of the sender, which is not familiar with import procedure, is recommended to contact his international agent as soon as possible, before the container arrival.

Quoting for FCL freight and renting the container, consider the distance between the container park and destination port. If the distance is great, send the containers back right after you reach the destination point.