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FCL Rates

It is clear that FCL means Full Container Load and is used to describe ocean freight type. The shipper in this case has the exclusive right to apply a full space of multi-modal container. Two types of containers that are actually used are 20 and 40- foot ones. The most cost-effective way to charter is 40 foot container; it is suitable for most goods.

How to Avoid Risks Shipping FCL?

FCL is one of the best ways to optimize export or import operations by sea and make them more efficient. How to avoid mistakes when shipping FCL? Before cargo arrives to its destination dock by ocean, your addressee gets a notification within a few days before the arrival. The consignee is going to be notified by a phone call or e-mail. All that depends on you is to check if the contact information of the addressee, which you have provided, is valid and right.

The parked container storage time before sending the freight is limited, that is why confirm the data quickly. Actually, the storage lasts from 7 to 14 days. The payment for storage is the separate charge, that is why the less cargo is kept the less you pay for its storage. So it doesn’t increase the price for shipment much. Laws which have been put into effect in the country of the consignee give the possibility to cooperate with customs and other third parties and organizations for re-export or re-import operation in a comfortable way and with the best results.

If your addressee is not familiar with the import procedure, he is recommended to contact his international agent as soon as possible. Broker or agent can help meet a ship and complete the procedure. The price for this service is more reasonable than a rate for goods in the container park storage.

Containers for FCL

Ordering the full container load as the type of ocean freight, you can rent the container from the company. Shipping containers rent is included in the shipment cost. After the freight is delivered to the destination port, a container has to be returned to the park during the definite period of time. In case, if you aren’t in time to return the container, you can be charged the additional money for the delay.

Pay attention at the distance between the container park and the port of destination, if it is pretty far and the containers have to travel thousands of miles by rail, so once the goods are in the dock, send the containers back the same way they arrived. To avoid additional expenses it is better to use containers owned by the shipper or SOC. So they need only one way travel then. SOC means that you buy a container and don’t have to return it after arrival. After usage you can resell it or use for goods storage. You can also use it once more, or many times more.

Before buying the container, test its strength with the help of the crane. It is necessary for making sure the container can be transported on a platform of the container ship. Most of trailers are designed to easily withstand the weight of loaded containers. The weight limitations for each container are supposed for not being overloaded to be easily lifted by cranes.