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Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is a complete industry which involves freight forwarders and carriers. Today it is possible to submit a request for cargo transportation on the official website of the forwarder, filling the order form. When the order is sent, the client is going to receive a call from the manager for confirming the data, and processing the order. The speed of reply depends on the time zone and working hours.

The request is sent to both offices of the company which are situated in the country of departure and arrival. Once you submitted a quote, you receive a link for its confirmation by e-mail. After you confirmed the request from your e-mail, you won’t be able to submit one more order for this e-mail. All your contact details are seen only to the manager and you can be sure it is safe to provide them. As you see, it is very easy to order the freight shipping.

Freight Shipping Ordering

The really important step before processing a shipment request is to decide what forwarder you wish to collaborate with. When the decision is made, you should fill the order form on the official website of the company or apply one of the online systems, offering services from the most known carriers and forwarders. After your order is processed by the manager, you can visit the office of the company or send all the necessary documents by fax to arrange a shipment.

Some forwarders help their customers prepare the freight shipping documents. They also offer additional options, such as: packaging, insurance, loading and unloading, etc. Some companies include the additional services in the price for the shipment, some - count each service separately. Both variants are profitable, because you may order only one service, not paying for all the others by default.

For instance, if you need only insurance, you can manage loading the cargo into the truck, transporting it to the dock for loading on the container ship yourself. You can hire people yourself without the forwarder’s efforts. Someone may need the value-added options for expensive cargo, fragile materials. They need the guarantee for receiving the compensation if the cargo is damaged.

Factors that Influence the Shipping Rates

The rates for the freight shipping are quite different depending on the type of delivery. Air freight is the most expensive type, it is divided into regular and charter flights. The oversized cargo transportation costs more than the standard weight and volume. The same day and urgent delivery also costs more than 1 or 2 day one, or the 3 to 5 day delivery. Ocean Freight costs less than air freight but depends on the distance, type and volume of cargo, and other factors. The price for the freight shipping isn’t stable; it varies depending on the discounts availability, distance, additional options, type and volume of freight, etc.

Becoming a loyal customer of the freight forwarding company, allows you get the price cut for any type of delivery. Choosing the truck shipment, select FTL or LTL, ocean freight allows selecting FCL or LCL, air freight for oversized cargo can demand using the special liners. The outbound delivery can be a bit expensive than the inbound one, but it is possible to get the discounts for both the types of freight shipping.