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Shipping Rates

Distance between origin and destination, item type, freight forwarding type and many other factors influence the shipping rates. It is better to count rates considering actual weight than dimensional one. It is possible to calculate total cost for price-based shipping.

Shipping Quotes

Global trade is impossible without shipping. Being the supplier of goods abroad, you can order the economical shipment types, use the consolidated shipping within the ocean freight. If you haven't enough cargo and order LCL, you can address the special company who can look for clints wishing to consolidate their parcels in the single container together with your goods.

Shipping News

Lots of events took place in shipping indusry at the first part of 2013. The Trillium Class Laker Thunder Bay started a trip from Jiangyin to Montreal, analysts unveiled the research results refering exports and imports in Europe, Bloomberg News survey reported the information of diesel deliveries.

Overseas Shipping

It is possible to quote for overseas shipping and even calculate the price for it using the web-based solutions and customer management systems online. Any question can be put to the specialist by phone if you need some consultance connected with your outbound freight forwarding. You can track your shipment with the help of special web applications as well.

Overseas Quotes

Quoting for overseas freight, consider all the details of services described by the hauler on its official website. Special labeling and packaging, door-to-door services, container rent, insurance and customs clearance - these are the first services which can be offered by the forwarder. Safe and careful transportation is necessary because it influences on your reputation in front of your customers and consignees.

Overseas Freight

Transporting goods overseas seems difficult to arrange but it is wrong if you address the right company. Most of the modern freight forwarders offer solutions for those who need specialists to take care of their shipment from the beginning till the end, including all the paperwork and customs clearance.

International Movers

Kae and Liberty are the two international movers offering competitive delivery services from and to Europe and USA. Personal effects and commercial shipping are not the problems for the forwarders. For being able to boast the best staff Kae trains people who hire for a job. Liberty can offer transporting even electronics and high value products.

Freight Quote

Today it is possible to transport perishable goods, oversized and palatalized ones with the help of freight forwarders. Each company tries to offer competitive rates for delivery services together with additional options. Regional or international shipments, storage services or expensive goods insurance. You can count the price individually with the manager or using the special technical solutions.

International Freight

International freight services are represented by plenty of companies all over the world. Among their services, the storage, labeling, loading and unloading, distribution and delivery can be underlined. Every shipping type combines a few transport kinds. To deliver the freight to the port, the truck is used, then goods are put on the ship. The same is with Air Freight, etc.

Freight Carriers

Freight carriers aim to meet all the customers' needs. they provide such services as warehousing, distribution, delivery and storage, insurance and value-added services. It is always possible to save time and money using online ordering services, special applications for delivery requests.

UPS Rates

Technology solutions that UPS offers, allow calculate Time and Cost for your shipment easily and quickly. Zone Chart can help to get the destination,. You can find out if the value-added options are necessary for your cargo while transportation. Charge differs depending on osme additional services necessity, loading services, etc.

FedEx Quotes

FedEx offers Get rates and Transit Times application, with the help of ehich any customer can find out the price for his single shipment. Chossing the origin and destination countries, type of freight and time, you can get the rate. register the account on the official website of the company to get aces to all of the accessible online services.

Cargo Shipping

Today it is easy to quote for cargo shipping on the official website of the forwarder using the special application. Online order forms which the customers fill in to make the request for delivery consist of a few fields, indicated by the symbol of compulsory filling. The inputs are processed by manager of the company you sent the order to. Mobile aaplications allow finding out the rates for definite shipment.

Freigth Forwarder

If the coverage of the freight forwarding company exceeds 200 countries, it can be considered the real global leader of shipping services. Forwarders that operate their own transport are called the carriers. The personal effects or the commecial delivery, value-added option for the special kind of freight, warehousing and distribution - this is not the full list of services which the customer can order from the forwarder.

Freight Cargo

Anything can be transported anywhere in the Earth, if its packaged appropriately. Personal belongings can be shipped with the list of the pieces of freight in the package, live animals should be delivered in cages followed with necessary documents. Precious materials require additional security, fragile - should be packaged with cushioning material, not to be damaged, etc.