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International Air Freight

Either small or big companies can order international air freight around the globe to be sure their shipment is handled with optimal care. It is better to look for a company which applies the latest software, has the best equipment and offers guarantees in each its office in every affiliation of the global network. Of course the company’s stuff is important, its experience and skills can be helpful when the customer is going to send his first parcel abroad by air.

Order and Track the Air Freight Around the Clock

Managers are available 24/7 and are ready to analyze every step of customer’s international air freight shipment, for experts like these there is no place off limits. Handling all facets of air freight logistics operations is an extensive experience for the staff. Far zones such as Afghanistan, Sudan and Thailand are not the problem for some companies, cargo can be sent there by planes as easy as it is delivered to the nearest city.

Air charters can be of a few sizes, depending on the cargo volume and weight. If you need express international air freight services, contact the logistics manager of the chosen company to find out the details about this solution. Most of the freight forwarding companies, which provide air freight services, have the comprehensive hub-and-spoke network providing their clients with access to key transportation centers across European countries and the US.

If the forwarder’s representatives are really professionally trained, they can provide you with rates, logistical support and shipment forwarding. They can provide with delivery information regarding the ultimate destination point. Booking service which is available in most companies can help in offering direct routings, bypass, and alternative flights. Tracking the cargo movement is also possible. You can get status reports; you can pinpoint the exact location of your cargo.

Freight Sizes and Transit Times

Door-to-door service in international air freight means that shipment is taken from the door at the originating address, is transported to the destination country, cleared through customs and delivered direct to the door at the destination address. The client’s ability sometimes is to arrange the pickup of the goods, pay any local charges. It is also possible to order economy air freight together with express delivery lasting from 3 to 5 days. Economy itself can last from 7 to 10 days.

Storage service is usually included in shipment if it is necessary. Actually storage services cost less at the origin point than at the destination. Tariff is based on such criteria as single item weight which mustn’t exceed 30 kg. No item should have dimension greater than 68 inches and a girth more than 91 inches. After you complete the registration on the website, you can include the item in your details to get a price.

The limiting factor is that if one person can lift and carry one item, so that is why the consignment shouldn’t weight more than 30 kg. Some goods of not standard shape can also be taken for transportation. They are such as golf clubs, bicycles, snow boards, skis, suitcases and so on. Quoting for international air freight, you can check out the acceptable items in the list. You can also provide your manager with specification of the cargo, such as weight, length and width.