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Lift Gate Service

To lift goods from the ground and put them on a tractor trailer, the lift gate is used. The cargo can be discharged with a fork-lift or at a loading port. If your freight can be moved by hand, you don't have to use the lift-gate service. The lift gate is easy to order online.

When loading docks are not available, some common carriers provide lift gate service themselves for loading and unloading goods. A lift gate service is a special device that can raise or lower goods from ground to the level of a trailer. The tractor trailer is 56 inches high above the ground. So freight forwarding companies deliver items lifting them with the help of a lift gate.

The Lift Gate Service Main Point

Trailers are designed in such a way to load and discharge goods with the help of a fork-lift or at a loading port. If a delivery location is not a dock and the fork-lift isn't supposed to be at the destination, also if the item is too heavy to remove it from the trailer, then a lift gate service in necessary. This is appropriate if the destination point turns out to be the residential area or a store.

The service of a lift-gate can cost about $75, but the price differs depending on the carrier. To find out the exact price, you can call the manager in the company you collaborate with and ask to count the cost for you depending on the distance to the destination, volume and type of freight. You can get the quote of your freight transportation with or without the lift gate service.

You can avoid using a lift gate service if your items are light enough to be removed by hand without the additional devices. Of course, if your cargo arrives at the dock and not the store or simple warehouse you can also refuse using a lift gate. If you are able to drive to the nearest terminal and pick up the cargo there, you also don't need a lift gate service.

When the Lift Gate is Necessary?

The fact is that the lift gate option is not always available. Not all the vehicles are equipped with the lift gates, not always the operators are available. That is why the clients should confirm the necessity of lift gate usage in advance. There are such cases when the customer's cargo is loaded in the middle of the truck together with other parcels which have to be delivered and unloaded along the route. And the customer then states that he needs the lift gate. In this case it would be the additional difficulty for the forwarder to carry out the customer's wish. Some of them can not have even the terminal close to the customer's destination point for dropping the freight off.

When a truck driver arrives to your residence for picking up goods and take them to the dock, he can assess the situation and decide whether the lift gate service is necessary in your case. But as we have already said, you must know that in advance if your cargo is too tough to be handled by the hired loaders. If you don't know whether you need the lift gate or not, you may advise the specialist when ordering the shipment from the forwarder.

You can apply for counting the price for that service for you, stating the exact data as for origin and destination, volume and weight of cargo and so on. After that you can decide if the lift gate service is profitable and essential for you.