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LTL Services

You have got a business and less time to spend it for solving all the questions connected with shipments arranging, finding a transport and people to load and package your goods for transportation. Addressing the freight forwarding company and selecting the Less Than Truck Load you automatically get rid of all the challenges and get the best solutions of this kind of shipment. Need an urgent delivery by road somewhere across Europe? It is possible to arrange the LTL freight to any European country at the very reasonable rates and with all the necessary LTL services.

LTL Shipments Worldwide

The extensive pan European coverage allows the companies own the strategic offices in each country of the served territory. You can ship the cargo by trucks to any state of the company’s coverage. Usually it consists of about 200 countries. The forwarding company hires only the professionals, experts in business, skilled in shipping industry workers who are going to help you with packaging, loading, unloading and safe transportation of any cargo type anywhere.

LTL services include not only the standard procedures of arranging the delivery; they also suppose the value added options. Such options mean the dangerous goods transportation, high value and temperature controlled cargo. All the forwarding companies promise delivering the good just in time, offering the same day and next day delivery as well as the three to five day one. In any business time is money and a reliable business partner such as an established forwarder can help to save time and money and get the most effective results.

UPS LTL Services

The well-known freight forwarder which is called UPS can offer a few LTL services under the conditions of three programs. These are Freight LTL, Freight LTL Guaranteed and Freight LTL Urgent. Selecting the standard services called Freight LTL, all your interregional,regional and long-haul needs will be met. This standard service of UPS is available from Canada and back, it covers 48 bordering countries and the direct shipments between them are possible. This service is available with a No-Fee Guarantee.

Freight LTL Guaranteed service allows the customers being sure that their freight arrives at the destination in time and on a definite date. Choosing the guaranteed service you can order the on-time delivery with no delays. It is guaranteed that the direct points of the continental USA and Canada are going to be reached in certain time. This service is possible with a special pricing or contract. The current UPS freight tariff doesn't matter in this case.

The third LTL service from UPS is Freight LTL Urgent. When every minute is in count, the urgent service is what you need. The trouble-free and multimodal network of UPS is going to help you to complete the critical shipment if necessary. All your shipment needs will be met, the delivery is going to be made in time and with guaranteed LTL services. The same day delivery by trucks is sometimes hard to fulfill if the destination is too distant. If you need the very urgent shipment, you can try to apply some other delivery types.