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Lift Gate Service

To lift goods from the ground and put them on a tractor trailer, the lift gate is used. The cargo can be discharged with a fork-lift or at a loading port. If your freight can be moved by hand, you don't have to use the lift-gate service. The lift gate is easy to order online.

Container Ship

Container ship is considered to be a huge vessel for freight containers carriage. It is pretty slow and can carry the containers of 20 and 40 foot in length. The rigging equipment is attached to the small container ships, the big ones should be unloaded in the special docks. Container ships allow to transport the containers with boxes by ocean easily.

West Coast Ports

Analysts say that West Coast ports should expedite the departure of containers by truck and rail. The ports are planning to spend money on making bigger terminals. In this article you can also read about the analytical report referring the results of ports' work since 2011 till now.

East Coast Ports

East Coast ports are getting ready for the expansion and try to deepen their harbors for meeting great ships from Far East. Houston's port is buying the cranes from the Finnish manufacturer Konecranes for lifting the cargo and loading the containers. We recall the crisis of 2012 and its possible results.

Sea Shipping

It has become unveiled that sea shipping industry and sailing are the most sought-after spheres which most young people dream to be involved in. Clyde Marine Training Academy has recently reported the 5000 applicants increase comparing with the former years. Sea shipping is one of the most profitable, quick and easy ways to deliver the cargo.

Sea Quotes

Two companies being a few of the best sea freight services providers are Excess Baggage and International Cargo Express. They offer the standard suite of ocean delivery service and lots of additional options. They can make easier your relations with customs and help to deal with quarantine inspections. The staff hadnles cargo carefully, can help in packaging and loading.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is chosen by companies exporting goods abroad. It is pretty profitable type of delivery, which supposes the container ships usage, the consolidated goods transportation, a lot of discounts and additional options. Eve dangerous goods, live animals, big planes and equipment are possible to ship by sea.

Ocean Rates

Ocean rates are such unstable figures which change depending on many factors. Situation at the market, fuel surcharges, type of freight to trasport and type of its delivery. Urgent shipping costs more, the more expensive cargo is, the more additional options for the safeness of its transportation are necessary, such as for instance insurance, special packaging, careful handling and so on.

LCL Quotes

Less Than Container Load is selected by many business newcommers, who start exporting goods but haven't got the big volumes of them. It is also the suitable type of freight for personal needs transportation for those who sends parcels abroad. Sharing the space in the container with other customers, you pay only for the space which is occupied by your item.

International Ocean Freight

FCL, LCL, Ro-Ro and Break Bulk shipments are accessible services provided by non-vessel operating common carriers and freight forwarders. Even far destinations can be reached, goods in 20 and 40 foot containers can be delivered even to Indonesia or Pakistan. Pickup at the origin and unloading at the destination, storage and container rent - this is not a complete list of services.

FCL Quotes

Full Container Load is the type of sea shipping which is easy to quote for if you have enough cargo for filling the whole space of the container. You can hire people for loading the container at the point of origin for being able to load good within the free of charge two hours while the driver is waiting. After that the freight is taken to the dock.

Container Rate

Container is the easy way to collect lots of boxes and pallets together for putting them on the ship and transporting. Cranes for loading cargo on the vessel are designed for definite weight and can lift the 20 and 40 foot loaded containers. Rates for cargo shipments are easy to find out filling out the special application, which will calculate costs individually for your single shipment.

FCL Rates

Full Container Load is the type of ocean shipping which supposes that a freight captures the whole its capacity. Rented container has to be returned after the shipment within the definite period to the park. Freight storage before its delivery is also payed, so be quick to confirm the consignee's address and send the cargo at once.

Container Rates

Hiring the forwarder, decide whether you need the company's staff members help you loading and unloading the goods, take them to the port. Customs clearance, documents preparation and insurance can also be offered to you as the additional options, depending on your cargo type. Selecting ocean freight, advise the expert about the container to choose, time of transportations, keeping conditions, occupied space.

Container Quotes

As it is known most of freight types which are appropriate for transportation in containers, are kept in 20 and 40 foot ones. the rates for transportation depend on the type of ocean freight, either LCL or FCL. That meas that rates will differ depending on if you select the full space in the container or just a part of it, sharing the space with other customers' goods.