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Ocean Shipping

Ocean Freight providers offer additional services, such as: warehousing and distribution, storage, loading, unloading, preparing the documents, managing customs, etc. You can order the shipment without or with additional options. It is easy to order the shipment online.

Ocean Quotes

Ocean shipping, such as FCL, LCL, Ro/Ro and Break Bulk has its own demands for transporting each type of cargo. The four methods for FCL Freight shipping include Live Load, Drop and Pick, Warehouse/Terminal Loading and Port Delivery/Ocean Freight Only FCL shipping.

LCL Rates

LCL rates depend on not only the amount of freight, but the required space in the box for its shipment. They inlude a list of surcharges and costs for additional options. Some established freight carriers offer special discounted services for loyal clients. The more coverage the company has the more privileges for customers it can give.

International Sea Shipping

International sea shipping services include lots of privileges for customers in addition to the standard goods transportation. The professional packaging, loading the cargo at the point of origin and unloading it at the destination, insurance, special conditions for every type of freight etc.

FCL Freight

FCL freight is the best type of delivery by ocean for transporting the oversized cargo. This is the international shipment which is suitable for any business and trade. Multimidal containers are safe for transporting the freight at the far distances. Insurance and other additional services are possible.

Container shipping

Container shipping industry covers the regular routes, personal effects deliveries and the commercial shipments. All the seaborne trade is mostly realized with the help of container liners. The charges or this kind of delivery include the agency commissions, surcharges, bunker costs, and revenue. All the shipping procedure is arranged the same as a simple ocean freight, almost any type of cargo is possible to transport by the container vessel.

UPS Shipping

UPS Supply Chain Solutions is an American shipping company which serves more than 200 countries and has about 60 offices worldwide. Modern technologies applied by the company allow quoting for the shipping, track it and define the time and type of shipping quickly and easily. The professional packaging, deadlines meeting, day and time definite delivery and high quality services – that is what UPS can offer.

Ocean Container

Any definite kind of goods need to be transported in the appropriate conditions depending on its state, quantity, safety for the environment, etc. That is why the special ocean containers have been invented for every separate type of cargo. Different sizes and marking, purpose and material – all of that makes sense for the ocean container. The refurbished containers with the possibility to make conversions and the hazardous waste containers can be of different sizes but each of them should meet the special requirements and should be made according to the definite standards.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is one of the most convenient transportation kinds. A lot of companies worldwide offer freight forwarding services which include cargo delivery by ship, plane or a truck. As ocean connects the separate continents together, it is an easy and convenient way for shipping a large consignment to any target point.

International Ocean Freight

International ocean freight is relevant to companies engaged in regular freight forwarding to the regions, land communication of which is not favorable from the financial point of view. International ocean freight today is the cheapest form of transportation. However, there is one drawback – international ocean freights are carried out over a fairly long period of time. But despite this, many customers are still interested in international ocean freight forwarding.