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How To Pack a Container

Self storage and portable storage containers are used to pack goods before transportation by ocean. These containers may be delivered to the customer's residence for loading, they can be also loaded while the truck is waiting and transported to the dock. There are some special rules that define the ways to load the container appropriately.

Optimizing Space While Packing a Container

Inventory list has to be written for packing a container. Special packing paper has to be used for wrapping the goods, it shouldn't be a newspaper or a pop-corn paper. The paper shouldn't be too thin because it can be torn easily while transporting the parcel. If you pack the goods in the container, it is necessary to eliminate the empty spaces with the paper also. This also will be able to help loading the container easier.

Pack as much as possible products in the box but don't over pack, preventing the box sides and tops from bulging or caving in. Some fragile material should be protected with moving pads. All the cargo pieces have to be evenly distributed over the container's space, all the available one should be used. Goods should be packed floor to ceiling and wall to wall because they have to be steady while loading and transporting the container on the ship.

The space optimization is the important factor. So if you transport some pieces of cargo such as refrigerators, washers or dryers, you can fill them with the wrapped goods for saving space. Some other hollow items can also be appropriate for stuffing them with cargo pieces. Some thin goods can be packed in the space between beams. Some of them are such as pictures, mirrors and so on. This can help to create a tight fit to protect items from breaking.

Labeling, Big Items Packing and a Plan

Of course, if you deliver small and large items, try to mix them in the one container, filling the space as efficiently as possible. Use handy load binders to secure your cargo pieces section at a time. Of course soft items should be placed carefully in plastic bags. They can be put in the spaces where boxes don't fit.

Large items should be wrapped in padded foam. Corners mustn't be exposed. For keeping the cargo pieces clean and dry, cover the exterior with plastic wrap. The boxes should be taped and labeled when they are shut. The labels are used for identifications the items in the box. For maximizing the space inside the container, design a plan of it. Based on the dimensions of your cargo, make the rough draft of the pieces' location in the container.

Pack large items into the container first. They should be followed by the labeled boxes. The container has to be clean before loading. Load goods according to your plan. Of course, lighter boxes can be placed on the top of the heavy ones. As it has been already said, any open space between the placed items should be filled with the small cargo pieces; the padded foam between the objects should fill the space and secure loose items. All of the specified facts are compulsory for fulfilling if you want to pack your container in the best way.