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Sea Freight

Sea freight is the type of cargo transportation which includes Full Container Load and Less-than-Container Load. As it is seen, freight is mostly delivered by the ship in the containers. When you need to order sea freight, it is better to know the average prices to be able to find the most appropriate offer from the certain forwarder.

Sea Freight Options

Some companies can faster respond to changes in price and demand. This is possible for some of them even during peak seasons on the busiest trade lanes. It is good that shipping by ocean allows transporting perishable goods on the reefers. Together with full reefer loads, the forwarder can provide a seamless buyers’ consolidation service.

For transporting products, live animals, various dangerous liquids and so on, some special options are required. Special equipment is available if you order the refrigerated container for your goods. Such services as phyto-sanitarian clearance, veterinarian inspection and clearance, quality and sample management, port and authority handling, cold storage and cross-docking solution can be also available within the sea freight. Vacuum cooling, in-house cargo insurance and customized IT solutions and shipment tracking are almost wide spread services which are offered by most of the freight forwarding companies.

Value-added services are often compulsory for expensive freight transportation. Perished goods can also require value-added options. Such sea freight services can include isotherm IATA equipment, aircraft palletizing under temperature control, temperature monitoring and shrink wrapping. Special packaging, re-packing, labeling and bar-coding, pharmaceutical handling, freight safety verified by scanners – all of them can be also provided to the customer.

Delivery by Sea – Not a Problem

Customer’s goods can be source loaded into an integrated refrigerated container. It is kept in company’s storage facility or packing house. The container then is moved by barge or a truck to the nearest port or airport. As it has long ago become casual to order shipment online, some additional IT solutions are also provided by the forwarders for customers’ convenience.

Among them there is shipment by client reference numbers monitoring, custom reporting functions and data extract ones, scanned electronic shipment files and documents, confirmed pick up and delivery times, capacity planning and forecasting.

Sea freight arranging is not a problem any more when container ships and reefers exist, when real specialists can help to get prepared for delivery and suggest the right shipping and packaging type. You can ask for an advice about the 20 or 40 foot container, what type of load is better for your certain freight. That is if you need to transport the big bunch of products, FCL is better, small parcels are better to send with LCL. If you are not afraid that your cargo can be damaged, it is not fragile or expensive, you can share the space in the container with other customers’ goods, choosing LCL. Products will be packed in boxes and put together in the container. You can track your goods movement during the whole way to the destination.