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Sea Quotes

One of the most cost effective delivery types is the sea freight. It is the good way to send an unaccompanied or excess baggage. You can pay only for the space which is occupied by your items in the sealed and secure container. One of the companies in which you can quote for the sea freight is Excess Baggage. It has the appropriate services for those who wish to save their money on cargo transportation. So if you are a back-packer, student, or you only need to keep an eye on your budget, you can quote for sea shipping in this company.

Sea Quotes from Excess Baggage

Baggage shipping services can be considered those which are the most frequent with every week regular sailings to lots of destinations. Client’s belongings are possible to be covered by comprehensive marine dispatch protection policy which means the additional charges apply. All client’s excess baggage can be accurately tracked by a refined computer system for sea quotes developed to keep the client up to date with his/her shipment’s progress.

You should only send your e-mail address to the company for getting the details about the vessel’s name where your cargo is on, the date when the ship is expected to arrive, destination agent’s name and so on. To get the service of customs clearance, complete the packing list. Some extra forms, such as passport copies or customs forms may be required depending on the destination. You can contact company’s managers for getting the detailed information about the documents and sea quotes. When you quote for door to door sea freight service the company takes care of everything, starting from cargo collection and right to the transportation at the destination address. Before the ship arrives, the company’s destination agent contacts the client to help him deal with all the formalities, then cargo is sent to the door.

If you quote for sea freight in Excess Baggage you can find out that their rates are remarkably competitive. The rates include not just terminal charges and custom clearance; they cover local transportation fees to destination addresses in New Zealand, Canada, USA, Dubai, Cyprus, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many others. You can ask the details about excluded charges, customs and quarantine inspections, examinations, cargo dues, destination X-ray fees, sales taxes and import duties.

Sea Quotes from International Cargo Express

One more company having the competitive sea quotes and offering all the possible types of ocean freight is International Cargo Express. This is an Australian sea freight company which sends shipment overseas. The company can boast to have the trained team that has the skills in many aspects of international air and sea freight services. It was established in 1988 and is committed to Total Quality Management principles. The company created such a quality system together with international associates for reinforcing the need to remain focused on customers’ requirements. No matter the type of cargo, the destination where it is sent to, the way of transportation, every sea shipment, the customer quotes for is handled with loving care.