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Sea Shipping

When we speak about sea shipping, we remember tariffs, carriers, types of transportation but there are some really interesting facts that deserve our attention.

Maritime Society - for Sea Admirers

It is curious to know some facts about the Marine Society. It was founded on June 25, 1756 and plays important role in supporting sailors and those who wish and aspire go to the sea. This society equipped, trained and supplied about 17 percent of Horatio Nelson’s manpower at the Battle of Trafalgar and became his favorite charity.

This great naval hero was a charity’s trustee and introduces the first uniform for ratings. The sea shipping society was the first that offered education to seafarers and provided a training ship offering sea training. The Marine Society can provide a wide range of services, especially for shore-based maritime professionals and seafarers. They do it to enhance well-being, learning, and for facilitating professional development. Irrespectively of rank, nationality, rate and sea service, everyone can get the services of the Marine Society.

Profession of Sailor – for Those Who Love the Sea

Sea shipping industry and sailing are the types of activities which can be interesting and profitable for those who are involved in it. That is why many today’s seafaring academies demand the certain amount of students who wish to get the profession of sailors and logistics specialists. For instance, the number of people who apply for training to become the officer in British Merchant Navy, is higher than it was a few years ago.

Clyde Marine Training which is based in Glasgow is one of the largest sea school, offering knowledge in UK, has reported to have more than 5000 applicants in 2013. It is the 11 percent increase compared with 2012 and 27 percent increase comparing with the 10 years ago situation. The number of applicants which has increased this year is not the only thing to surprise. In 2013 the applicants achieve three or more passes in A-Level or equivalent standard.

Sea Shipping Industry – Attractive and Profitable

Sea shipping is attractive for applicants, students and people who work in different other spheres but wish to try themselves as the members of some forwarding company's staff. It can be really profitable to be the consultant and advise people what type of transportation to order, to be the manager and process the claims for the shipments, to be the sailor or truck driver in a respected logistics company.

Today's cargo carriers can offer sea shipping to those who export goods abroad, wish to send parcel to the neighboring city, prefer door-to-door services while ordering the shipments. Forwarders work with both companies and individuals. So the personal effects delivery and commercial needs one are both possible. Sea shipping is the type of cargo transportation that can include services appropriate for small bunches of freight as well as big amount of cargo, oversized items, palatalized, perished and dangerous goods.