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Shipping Company

Shipping company is an enterprise which provides services of cargo shipping, packaging, distribution and insurance. The organization specializing in freight delivery by road that is by truck is called the trucking company. USA is a country which is full of such companies. Some of them are popular, established and has the global coverage. Some of them are only starting to work.

CargoBarn – the Shipping Company

One of such companies is CargoBarn. The company has the large portfolio of affiliated carriers. They deliver multiple options to match client’s requirements. If some issue arises, the staff is on it, and resolves the small problems before they become big ones. Cargo Barn is one of the forwarders offering international coverage shipping services. Being located in California the staff has the complex knowledge of the state’s market.

Among the solutions which the company offers there is a wide range of flexible ones, from simple single truckload to entire supply chain coordinating. Every manager who works with the client can guarantee his personal 24/7 commitment to client’s business. LTL and intermodal services which are provided by the company can be all the time accessible for clients.

Bongo International – the Shipping Company

One more shipping company located in the US and Belgium is Bongo International. The company provides mail, packaging and transportation services. It works on the territory of USA and European Union countries. Consolidation service of Bongo can help save up to 82 per cent shipping multiple packages to your address. It is possible to order 1 to 5 day delivery, tracking the order all the way to its destination. Such service as Bongo alerts can help receive updates through popular social networks, for example Facebook and Twitter, when the shipment status changes. Using a landed cost calculator you can count the total price for a single shipment to every country. The calculator includes duties, taxes and shipping costs.

There are three solutions which the company offers its clients for improving the service quality. Bongo Extended is the portable solution which involves mid-sized and small businesses. It requires limited IT experience for implementing. Bongo Checkout is a modular solution that allows businessmen accept orders from overseas. The solution guarantees defending against fraud. One more solution called Bongo Connect is considered to be a fully integrated one that can provide seamless experience for cross-border consumers.

The Aim of Shipping Companies

Shipping companies have the aim not only to give the customer an opportunity of organizing a shipping procedure easily, but also improve the level of delivery services, make international transportation more accessible and easy to order. New tracking online systems, solutions for clients for money saving and discounts, temperature-controlled transport – all of that are the types of improving. The client can buy or rent the containers for ocean freight, can order professional packaging for valuable goods.