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Shipping Services

Every business consists of a few stages. These are strategy building, goods production, services planning, advertising and promotion. To promote any good, many marketing policies are practiced. Sales by promo-actions fostering, incentive rewards for potential clients, etc. Right for sending parcels with testers, gifts and other petty and large products to another country, shipping services are necessary. Everything is possible to send in special packages, any type of goods, from small to huge bunches, can be delivered by ocean, road, railway, or air.

Among the standard shipping services, such as packaging, loading and unloading, containers rent, insurance and online tracking, freight forwarders can provide global marine and crew spares logistics services, port agency management, commercial representation and so on. Let us examine such type of shipping services as professional packaging.

Packaging Services

Professional packaging is one of the most important steps when preparing for goods delivery and one of the shipping services. Every forwarder has its corporate identity, and every box is labeled and has the company’s logo. It is profitable to order packaging in the same company which you plan to deliver you parcels with. This is because if your item, packed by the company or its associates, is damaged, the client can get compensation for a product value.

The special packaging is necessary for large and odd-shaped product items. For instance, golf clubs or surf boards are packed in a special way. Companies which offer storage and shipping services can make custom packing and handling. Service types are such as blanket wrap, custom cartons, crating, shrink-wrapping and palatalizing. If you don’t know what packaging method is the best, you can advise the shipping company’s affiliation at your location.

Some Useful Shipping Tips

If the client needs to ship electronics or other fragile and expensive goods, the forwarder can offer the certain packaging solutions for transporting smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Such goods require insurance while transportation, so the client could rely on reimbursement in case of damage. If you wish to complete packaging yourself, remember a few tips necessary for making it right. Such shipping service as packaging can allow you saving your money if you choose to do it yourself.

Inside the package do include a label with two addresses: destination and origin ones. If you ship electronics, take the batteries out of every gadget. If you need to ship fragile items, advise experts how to wrap them appropriately. It is important not to wrap boxes in a brown paper and not to tie them with string. It is banned to send gifts in gift boxes, because they are not safe enough. Don’t use such materials as newspaper or popcorn paper for packaging product items. Wrapped presents are shipped ahead to the destination when traveling by air, fragile items need special packaging and insurance, masking, cellophane or duct tape are used for sealing boxes before shipping.