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Transportation Companies

International freight means that shipments are made all over the world to any corner of the Earth.

BlueGrace Logistics – Transportation Company

The company which enters top 5000 logistics and transportation organizations is BlueGrace Logistics. The command takes a new approach to shipping logistics. Among the services which the company provides, it is possible to emphasize Less-than-Truckload, Full Truckload, international transportation, supply chain management, air and ocean freight. Also, it is possible to order such services as expedited and guaranteed shipping, DeepBlue (branded) Enterprise solutions. To handle customers’ transportation and shipping needs, BlueGrace applies extensive industry knowledge and leading technology.

Ordering Less-than-Truckload from BlueGrace Logistics, you can have the opportunity to choose from the multiple carriers list. The company offers competitive rates for services, it can optimize clients’ transpotation needs, increases efficiency, reduces transit times. Full Truckload from the best carriers is possible to order using special BlueShip Transportation Management system. It gives the client opportunity to ease truckload process, cutting the overall costs.

BlueGrace has competitive rates for parcel, ocean and air transport. It also gives global visibility, maximizing business opportunities. Guaranteed and expedited services of the company that have multiple modes, give the client proactive monitoring with live updates. Enterprise solutions of BlueGrace help to cut down costly operations expenses. Freight bill auditing helps to recover money which has been lost on carrier overcharges.

Rockfarm Logistics – Transportation Company

One more transportation company which is located in Illinois is Rockfarm Logistics. It provides supply chain consulting services as well as offering the transportation ones. The company is plotting a new course of shippers these days. The permanent exercise within client’s company network is maintaining and sharpening its competitive advantage. Rockfarm has the great drivers supply chain, applies integrated solutions and leverages best processes and technology. The company believes in client ownership of the supply chain with an expertise.

Hollywood Truck LLC – Transportation Company

Hollywood Trucks LLC is yet another American transportation company which has been recently recognized one of the fastest growing ones by Inc Magazine. It is the state-certified company which provides a full arrange of services. It can supply goods with any delivery request having the in-state inventory of more than 200 units. Hollywood Trucks LLC provides transportation to the entertainment industry. It delivers equipment to television and movie crews, vehicles for production operating.

The company has BBB accreditation standards that include alacrity to make great effort to resolve all consumer complaints. This company is categorized under Freight car Loading and Unloading. It was established in 2003 and incorporated in Louisiana. Transportation services of the company are of a great quality.