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What is a Warehouse?

It is known that before transportation from the origin to the destination, the products are kept in the warehouse. We used to say that a warehouse is a large premise that has enough space for goods storage. People may visit a warehouse to take their parcels, to arrange a shipment of goods. Depending upon the type of the warehouse the goods may be cataloged, gotten at it or sent into it.

The Meaning of a Warehouse

Today warehouses can be fully automated and located anywhere in the city. As a rule earlier the warehouses used to be located in the industrial areas or near the major ports, they were full of workers and not automated. The warehouse is a place where cargo is discharged or loaded, packaged and stored for a definite period. It can be stored before delivery or until it is taken away by the customer.

Of course every manufacturer: plant or factory has its own warehouse attached. The goods are stored there before distributing and shipping. The etymology of the word itself tells us interesting facts. For instance, the word wares means all the stuff which belongs to the seller, and house is of course the building where wares are kept.

Of course today the warehouses store not only the things possessed by only one manufacturer or seller. Different products from different sellers are there. The main aim of the warehouse’s work is getting the products in, shipping the store products and receiving the products for storage. The inventory for all the kept goods should be also present without fail. Everything that has been received or sent to the addresses should be noted in the inventory.

This is necessary because the sellers that entrust the warehouse their goods storage must be sure that all the items are kept safely. The process of filling in the inventories is also automated already. If you order some goods online or from the auction, you ask for one item of goods that are kept in bulk in the large warehouse. Actually, there are different warehouses for every type of a product.

Types of Warehouses

Some warehouses are the commercial buildings like stores, they have the high metal shelves with products which are sold in bulk. Such stores can offer much lower prices than the retailers and they don’t have to make the attractive displays. They can have their own suppliers and order goods from other warehouses for selling.

Online stores may also be of two types: those that have only the warehouses and send goods to the customers right from there, and those that have their own offline retail outlets with their own warehouses of course. It is known that goods cost less if you buy them at the source of storage or right from the manufacturer. The company doesn’t pay anything for shipping and merchandising the products, that is why even the price of the single item is going to be much lower.

Shipping companies have their own warehouses and offer the services of delivering goods from their warehouse to the customer’s one. Goods are packaged properly if the customers orders such service, then they are stored in the boxes before loading in the container and sending to the definite destination.